2022 Festival Interviews

8000 Ft Up
We are excited and fortunate to have local, highly talented, writer/director Alan Williams bring his high evaluation thriller, 8000 Ft Up, to screen at AIFF... more ›

Balloon Animal
AIFF is very excited to have highly talented and emerging writer/director Em Johnson share her insight into creating Balloon Animal, set in the colorful, yet complex world of a traveling circus.... more ›

My London Lullaby
AIFF is honored to have amazing writer/director/musician/ and indie rock star, Hugo Santa Cruz, share his insight on, My London Lullaby, a personal odyssey delving into the aftermath of Brexit.... more ›

One Road to Quartzsite
AIFF is honored to welcome Ryan Maxey and his highly acclaim film, One Road to Quartzsite, welcoming us into the ordinary, yet extraordinary intimate community of folks living the dream near the California / Arizona border.... more ›

2021 Festival Interviews


AIFF is honored to talk with the inspiring and insightful Polish filmmaker, Tomasz Sliwinski, who shares an intimate look into the compelling dramatic film, Ondine that brings to light the rare and tragic condition, CCHS. more ›


AIFF is honored to have an emerging, young, and gifted animator, Hongwei Wan, from Chengdu, China, with his deeply moving story, Kite. more ›

Hell of a Heartache

AIFF is proud to have writer, director and accomplished musician, Rob Burson join us for an in-depth look at his heartfelt dramatic film, Hell of a Heartache that explores the very relatable struggles of life, love, and family. more ›

Jump the Fence

AIFF is pleased to welcome returning filmmaker and highly talented actor and director, Molly Elizabeth Parker, with her epic South American adventure, Jump the Fence. more ›

My Dinner with Werner

AIFF is extremely grateful to have, exceptionally talented writer/director, Maverick Moore share his thoughts on his hilarious film, My Dinner with Werner, about the legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog and his contentious and equally legendary actor, Klaus Kinski. more ›


AIFF is excited to have multi-talented writer director and all-around creative genius Genevieve Anderson, with her intimate portrait, illustrating the human struggles between a military veteran and a young migrant desperately trying to connect with her family in, DUSTWUN. more ›

She's in Portland

Highly accomplished and engaging cinematographer, Devin Whetstone, joins AIFF to discuss his unique approach to shooting the wonderfully cinematic and excellent film, She’s in Portland. more ›

Whores on Film

AIFF is honored to welcome, brilliant local Tucson filmmaker, Juliana Piccillo with her gripping and unflinching look into the treatment of sex workers in global cinema, with her film Whores on Film. more ›

2019 Festival Interviews


AIFF is honored to have Actor, Director, Producer Kast Hasa come to Tucson from his home in Albania to share his thoughts and insights on his compelling drama, Internment, an award-winning film that revolves around harsh communist rule in Albania during the 1980’s..... more ›

In Times of Rain

AIFF is very fortunate to have the immensely talented director, Itandehui Jansen, take us on a cinematic journey of family and healing with her epic film, Tiempo de Lluvia (In Times of Rain).... more ›


We are very excited to have outstanding Writer/Director Paul Starkman share his unique and intimate thoughts on, Wheels, a vivid portrait about a young man's musical dreams pit against the mean streets of Brooklyn, New York.... more ›

To Hell and Gone

Tucson local producer/actor Carr Cavender along with writer/director Kyle Moore were kind enough to share insight into their epic western crime drama, To Hell and Gone.... more ›

Rag Doll

We are excited to have extremely versatile director, Baily Kobe join us with his dramatic, hard-hitting feature presentation, Rag Doll.... more ›

Mine 9

We are excited to have gifted writer/director Eddie Mensore take us behind the scenes of the extraordinary film, Mine 9. The film opened theatrically in West Virginia on 23 screens and was number 1 at the box-office on 11 screens.... more ›

The Dawning

AIFF caught up with talented filmmaker Xiong Wei in China to discuss the poignant WWII drama, The Dawning.... more ›


AIFF welcomes Richard Levien with his intimate and powerful portrait of two children fighting for the release of their mother from USA immigration detention.... more ›

2018 Festival Interviews

Elvis Walks Home

AIFF welcomes filmmaker Fatmir Koçi to Tucson. Fatmir traveled all the way from Albania to screen his excellent film Elvis Walks Home. This insightful and epic cinematic journey crosses into several Balkan war zones occupied by armed children and a lost Elvis impersonator.... more ›


AIFF is proud to have awesome local Tucson filmmaker, Nickolas Duarte, show his powerful film Jay, about a wonderful artist and person who imbues the essence of inspiration and courage.... more ›

The Divide

Talented screenwriter and journalist Jana Brown shares her thoughts on writing the heartfelt Western, The Divide, and navigating her first feature script with actor/director Perry King.... more ›

A Sniper’s War

Gifted filmmaker and journalist, Olya Schechter courageously traveled to the front lines of war and returned with the gripping story of Deki, an expert sniper hardened by a life time of conflict. This up close and well crafted film will most definitely leave a lasting impression.... more ›

Lost & Found

AIFF is honored have long-time friend and accomplished filmmaker Liam O Mochain back in Tucson with his multi-dimensional film, Lost and Found. Liam shares his insight into filmmaking, and the great cast and crew he worked with on this wonderful film..... more ›


Multi-talented, writer, director and cinematographer Inchun Oh traveled from South Korea to join AIFF and present his compelling drama, The DMZ. We are additionally very pleased to have him talk about his film in person at one of our many insightful film panel discussions.... more ›

Rodents of Unusual Size

The AIFF is pleased to have a trio of extremely talented filmmakers, Quinn Costello, Chris Metzler & Jeff Springer, who set out for the Louisiana bayou to bring us the intimate tale of the undaunted folks who steadfastly fight to save the precious land and traditions of their ancestors.... more ›

Three Wishes

AIFF caught up with deeply insightful writer director, Zhong Ermao, in Shenzhen, China, to discuss his debut film, Three Wishes. The story follows a woman who embarks on a journey to experience her late husband’s fantasies.... more ›

2017 Festival Interviews

The Dome

Experimental filmmaker and all around creative genius Bart Santello is the subject of the gripping documentary The Dome by Adam Ray. Bart was kind enough to discuss the creation of an organic space made solely from a natural earthen composition, the undaunted human will to form its structure, and his approach to filmmaking.... more ›

Hunting Pignut

Martine Blue, writer, director and producer and all around awesome filmmaker, is attending the festival with her debut feature film Hunting Pignut. She shares her insight on filming the real, little known world of Gutter Punk, dealing with tragedy and finding your way home.... more ›

Father and Son

Luong Dinh Dung is visiting Tucson with his film Father and Son, depicting the harrowing journey that shows the strength of a father’s love of his child. This epic and intimate film shows the strong sense of community families share along a glowingly picturesque river that becomes an awesome force of nature.... more ›

The Soup

South Korean director Lim Young-Hoon's film The Soup is receiving critical acclaim as it tours the festival circuit. The director shared with AIFF some insight into his film.... more ›

And Violet

Multi-talented artist and filmmaker Paul Gray will be in Tucson to exhibit his newest film And Violet, where he takes us into the complex world of adoption. Paul discusses performance and the challenge of telling this important story set in the cinematic world of Scotland.... more ›

Halfway to Zen

Toby Poser, John Adams, Zelda (Z) Adams, and LuLu Adams are the Adams Family, a film production unit that makes awesome films as a family. The Arizona International Film Festival is proud to discuss their newest film Halfway to Zen.... more ›

The Sounding

Actor, writer, director Catherine Eaton, a new powerful emerging voice in cinema, will be in Tucson with her highly acclaimed film, The Sounding. We are excited to have Catherine share her insight into the art of language, and raising important issues about how we perceive the world.... more ›

Kate Can't Swim

Amazing writing, directing, and acting team Jennifer Allcott and Josh Helman are here with their poignant and gripping film, Kate Can’t Swim about the complexities of love, relationships, and forging ahead with renewed spirit.... more ›