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  • 11:53


    Michael O'Connor
    Germany, 2024, 10 min.

    Two sisters look forward to celebrating the fact that one of them has overcome a serious illness. But an insurmountable obstacle stands in the way, until a... more ›

  • 43 York Road

    43 York Road

    Alex Figueiredo
    United Kingdom, 2023, 11.59 min.

    A disturbed male prostitute is forced to deal with his grief when meeting his next traumatized, closeted client... more ›

  • A Good Day Will Come

    A Good Day Will Come

    Amir Zargara
    Canada, 2024, 30 min.

    Arash is a professional wrestler with dreams of representing his country and winning gold medals. The country is in turmoil and its people are suffering. Arash... more ›

  • Ana Paula

    Ana Paula

    Leigh Marling
    United States, 2023, 46 min.

    ANA PAULA is the heartbreaking story of a young Mexican woman determined to escape her past and adopt her niece from a government orphanage in Durango. When a... more ›

  • DitO


    Takashi Yuki
    2024, 117 min.

    Professional boxer Eiji Kamiyama had been attempting a comeback in the Philippines but hit 40 without a fight. Suddenly, his daughter Momoko arrives with news... more ›

  • House of Glass

    House of Glass

    Margaret Seid
    United States, 2023, 6 min.

    It’s a perfect spring day to visit the mid-century modern masterpiece designed by the famous architect, Pedro Dúran. In this short film, HOUSE OF... more ›

  • I Did

    I Did

    Pedro Patricio
    United States, 2023, 14 min.

    A brave woman fights to save her family by turning in her husband’s gun... more ›

  • If


    Tathagata Ghosh
    India, 2024, 26 min.

    An arranged marriage tears a lesbian couple apart, but with a mother’s love, perhaps another future is possible... more ›

  • It's Probably Not John

    It's Probably Not John

    Louise Lohmann Christensen
    United States, 2024, 8.29 min.

    In a grief circle, Laura shares her recent journey of losing John. How she sleeps on the floor, can’t keep her job, how friends disappear and how time... more ›