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The Apology

Yu Shibuya
Japan, 2015, 23 min.

In Japanese with English subtitles.
This film is family friendly.

AIFF Award Winner:
Jury Award for Creative Achievement

Michio witnesses his father having an affair. He waits for an apology, but the father dies before they can reconcile. After the funeral, a letter is discovered. It lands into the hands of Michio's wife who decides to wait until Michio's unforgiveness dissipates. He rejects the letter without reading it, and it ends up inside a time capsule that Michio's children are playfully preparing. Decades go by. Michio, now old, searches for the time capsule. This is a story of a tragedy and its mending that lasts 100 years.

Director's Statement

I wondered what it would look like to follow, not a person, but an apology for 100 years. I hope you enjoy this story.

Category: Drama.
Themes: World Cinema, Family, Relationships.

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