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Kii Nche Ndutsa

Itandehui Jansen
Mexico, 2020, 13 min.

In Mixtec with English subtitles.

A young Indigenous boy imagines his future while listening to the sounds of a seashell, while an Indigenous man recalls his past listening to the same shell. They both wonder about how time changes them and their surroundings. The man remembers listening to birds and looking at fireflies in his childhood, but the birds and fireflies are no longer there. Many things seem to have vanished. Can he still hold on to anything? The short film is a reflection from a distinct Indigenous perspective and invites an audience to consider Past, present and future of a changing landscape and vanishing biodiversity.

Director's Statement

In Mesoamerica the seashell is a symbol for time. This short film invites us to reflect on past, present and future in a changing landscape where the natural environment is slowly disappearing.

Category: Experimental, Festival Alum.
Themes: Memory, Indigenous, Culture, World Cinema.

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