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To Hell and Gone

Kyle Moore
United States, 2019, 82 min.

In English.
Includes violence and adult language.

Eden is a good old gal who has worked her ranch out in Klondyke, Arizona for years. But today is going to be different. Today there are four deadly criminals in a hijacked plane heading straight for her. Today she has a stowaway in the back of her pickup who unbeknownst to her is sneaking around her land. When all these characters converge on this ranch in the middle of nowhere the stakes start to get pretty high. And trusting people get's harder when everyone's scattered To Hell and Gone!

Director's Statement

To Hell and Gone was a true chicken before the egg scenario, except in our case it was a matter of having our locations BEFORE having the story. This is how I've made all of my films, and I refer to this method as "reverse-producing". We had lots of private land in Arizona, a Cessna 182 plane, horses and a ranch property, so after several trips to scope it out my story began to inform itself: it would be very contained, take place in realtime, heavily lean into moments of silence, and (obviously) it would be a modern western thriller.

Category: Western, Drama.
Themes: Crime.

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