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The Divide

Perry King
United States, 2018, 104 min.

In English.
This film is family friendly.

AIFF Award Winner:
Best Dramatic Feature,
Special Jury Award for Best Performance

Set in drought-plagued Northern California in 1976, The Divide chronicles the story of Sam Kincaid (Perry King), an aging rancher with a failing memory, his estranged and independent-minded daughter, Sarah, and Luke, a young ranch hand who finds himself in the midst of a family in crisis. Internal struggles, the realities of an unforgiving landscape, and the need to reconcile a long-ago tragedy collide to create the backdrop for this classic American Western.

Director's Statement

"I'm an actor, always have been. All my life, I wanted to make my own movie. I grew up loving movies, only feeling really alive when I was watching them. Then I spent my whole adult life working in them, and loving that too. But I was always telling someone else's story, or telling the story someone else's way, not my own. Along the way, I met two other people whose dreams mirrored mine. One was a writer, Jana Brown, and one a cameraman, Russ Rayburn. We did the obvious -- we put our dreaming together and decided we'd better get to it, before time ran out. At least it felt that way to me -- my time was running out. So, we did it, we made our own film. I can hardly believe it, but we're now on the other side. We've done it. Even more astounding to me? It's the movie we meant to make." -- Perry King

Category: Western, Drama.
Themes: Relationships, Aging, Family, Identity, Lifestyle.