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Skin Deep

Lulu Jiang
United States, 2016, 5 min.

In English.

Skin Deep by Lulu Jiang is a film that fuses live action and illustration to explore a layered romance about tattoos and their power to psychologically seduce. Using multiple viewpoints and stories nested within one another, hand-drawn tattoo flash is digitized and composited to create a gritty tone from exotically inked images. The film's juxtaposition of reality and fantasy takes the viewer on a journey that twists and turns to disguise a jaw-dropping ending.

Director's Statement

Skin Deep, my animated short film, is spontaneous, reckless and always provocative! As a psychological exploration, I seek unpredictable results as my motivation. Once I come up with an idea, I conquer all obstacles to make it happen. As director Rama Ellen says: "Live loudly and do things you are not comfortable with."

Category: Experimental.

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