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Other Madnesses

Jeremy Carr
United States, 2015, 105 min.

In English.
Includes violence.

AIFF Award Winner:
Special Jury Award for Outstanding Cinematography

A reclusive tour guide becomes an unlikely vigilante when the dark underbelly of New York City is revealed through his dreams. Other Madnesses is a mind-bending feature film that combines the creepy vibe of 70s psychological thrillers with the dramatic, DIY aesthetic of the French New Wave.

Director's Statement

Other Madnesses evolved organically out of my experience of living in New York City for sixteen years, which may explain why the lead character, Ed Zimmer, has always felt very real to me. Ed is a modern day Raskolnikov, Bernhard Goetz, and Travis Bickle all rolled into one. His journey, from mild mannered tour guide to unhinged vigilante, is a byproduct of living in a place that resembles a beautiful nightmare. I've often heard people describe having a love/hate relationship with New York City and it's this essence that I wanted to capture on film.

Category: Drama.
Themes: Crime, Identity.

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