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Gabriel Malek
United States, 2024, 5 min.

Inside is a drama/thriller that follows Nadine, the daughter of a priest, as she grapples with her hidden love for Victoria, a fellow member of her church. Despite Nadine’s efforts to conform to her religious upbringing, their secret love affair is discovered by Nadine’s parents, leading to a tumultuous confrontation that forces Nadine to confront her repressed desire.

Director's Statement

Inside was born from a place of retrospect and healing. I wanted to look back on my journey and share it with others who might need to know that love is possible for them! The tug of war between who you are expected to be and who you are is universally human, which is why I think the film connects with so many people. With Inside I hope to inspire viewers to embrace their authentic selves and celebrate love in all its forms.

Category: Short.

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