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The Cocoon

David Shen Miller
United States, 2023, 9 min.

This film is family friendly.

AIFF Award Winner:
Best Animated Short

Trapped inside a room covered with muddy footprints, a man will stop at nothing to mop the floor perfectly clean. But with every step he takes to wipe away a footprint, he leaves a new one behind him.

Director's Statement

After working on this project for 3 years, my team and I are proud to present over 11,000 frames of hybrid hand-drawn and computer generated animation. The Cocoon tells the story of a man who makes things worse by trying to make them better. In this way, The Cocoon functions as an allegory, intended to communicate the perils of perfectionism and the need to embrace imperfection in order to create something beautiful.

Category: Animation, Short, Award Winner.

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