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Dark Wind

Hörður Skúlason
Arnar Már Vignisson
Iceland, 2021, 20 min.

In Icelandic with English subtitles.
Includes violence.

Örvar is a young man who has taken care of his family for a long time after his father died in a sea accident. With a child on the way and the pressure from work, he helps his brother Kristján to get a job at sea, against the wishes of their mother.

Director's Statement

 I once had a very vivid dream, my father dragged my brothers back into the boat, they were white as snow and had drowned. I was always fearful for my dad and brothers while they were out, thankfully they are all alive today but they do this still. you know what I used to think. What if? What if they died? Well this short is the sad what if of a little kid that wanted to make movies when he grew up. -- Hörður Skúlason

Category: Drama.

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