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  • Catharsis


    Freddy Pinon
    United States, 2023, 22 min.

    A young man with a haunting past starts to tap into a dark power when he begins to be bullied at school... more ›

  • Chairs


    James Hughes
    United Kingdom, 2023, 20 min.

    A man regales his peculiar obsession with chairs to his new psychiatrist... more ›

  • Dance of Dissent

    Dance of Dissent

    Shanon McNeil
    United States, 2023, 3 min.

    Two dancers of opposing styles compete for the stage in this solo animated short film... more ›

  • Dawn of Melancholy: A Birthday Soliloquy

    Dawn of Melancholy: A Birthday Soliloquy

    Lisa Birke
    Canada, 2024, 14 min.

    This video is embedded with augmented reality triggers that are viewable via the Shared Spaces app. Please follow the instructions in the video to download the... more ›

  • Deadline


    Idan Gilboa
    Israel, 2023, 13 min.

    Deadline is a black comedy Stop-motion short that explores the power balance between bureaucracy, death and feline devotion of the elderly. At its center is a... more ›

  • Demi-Goddesses


    Martin Gerigk
    Germany, 2023, 7 min.

    Demi-Goddesses is the second essay about still dominant dark aspects of our modern society. It is conceived as a surreal anti-patriarchal thought experiment... more ›

  • DitO


    Takashi Yuki
    2024, 117 min.

    Professional boxer Eiji Kamiyama had been attempting a comeback in the Philippines but hit 40 without a fight. Suddenly, his daughter Momoko arrives with news... more ›

  • Dragonfly


    Julia Morizawa
    United States, 2023, 14 min.

    A young girl learns of her mother’s survival of the Tokyo Firebombing on March 9-10, 1945 through the eyes of her brother’s spirit... more ›

  • Dreamer


    Piotr Kaźmierczak
    Poland, 2023, 3 min.

    A tale of a fisherman's excessive ambition and missed opportunities... more ›