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Tomáš Mašín
Czech Republic, 2023, 107 min.

In Czechia with English subtitles.

Martin was a veterinarian at the top of his game, until a dramatic incident at work left him unable to communicate with the world and trapped in total isolation for the rest of his days. Martin’s story is narrated by the women his life—his wife, his mother and his colleague, whose horse he was treating on that fateful day. When, after years of care, Martin was discovered dead, the women offered differing views, prompting local police to investigate. Lies, conflict, and silent trauma are revealed as the case develops and concludes with an unexpected turn of events.

Director's Statement

I was drawn to the fact that there was so much tension and emotion in such a small footprint…[and] terribly fascinated by how you can actually tell a person's story when they can't write or speak!

Category: Feature.
Themes: Relationships, Crime, Family.

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