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  • 10FT DOWN

    10FT DOWN

    Alan Williams
    United States, 2024, 98 min.

    A chance meeting by two lonely strangers leads to a descent into madness 10ft down... more ›

  • Cafe Daughter

    Cafe Daughter

    Shelley Niro
    Canada, 2023, 97 min.

    Nine-year-old Chinese-Cree Yvette struggles to find her place in a 1960s Saskatchewan small town after her mother’s death. Her Cree mother had urged her... more ›

  • Canadian, Sniper

    Canadian, Sniper

    Michel Kandinsky
    Canada, 2024, 80 min.

    On the first trip back from war in Afghanistan (or is it his 2nd?) an army sniper tries to re-integrate peacefully into civilian life on a remote Northern... more ›

  • DitO


    Takashi Yuki
    2024, 117 min.

    Professional boxer Eiji Kamiyama had been attempting a comeback in the Philippines but hit 40 without a fight. Suddenly, his daughter Momoko arrives with news... more ›

  • Flashlight


    Justen Patrick Lander
    United States, 2024, 77 min.

    A cleaning lady receives mysterious phone calls, pushing her to reluctantly investigate the disappearance of her father amid an oncoming solar storm... more ›

  • Itu Ninu (Where the corn fields are)

    Itu Ninu (Where the corn fields are)

    Itandehui Jansen
    Mexico, 2023, 72 min.

    Itu Ninu unfolds in 2084 and follows the journey of two climate migrants, Ángel and Sofia, whose paths intersect, revealing a shared connection through... more ›

  • My Motherland

    My Motherland

    Benoit Cohen
    France, 2023, 91 min.

    France has been living alone in her apartment since the death of her husband. When she hears on the radio that the Singa association puts homeless migrants in... more ›

  • Suppressed


    Tomáš Mašín
    Czech Republic, 2023, 107 min.

    Martin was a veterinarian at the top of his game, until a dramatic incident at work left him unable to communicate with the world and trapped in total... more ›

  • The Ballad of a Hustler

    The Ballad of a Hustler

    Heitor Dhalia
    United States, 2023, 103 min.

    Upon his release from prison, Jonathan discovers his ex-fiancée has gone missing, leaving behind her 6-year-old son. The unlikely pair venture into the... more ›