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Games People Play

Jim Hall
Xavier Combe
United States, 2024, 3 min.

In English.
Includes violence.

AIFF Award Winner:
Jury Award for Creative Achievement

A passenger boards the Paris Metro and squeezes in next to a teenager playing a WAR GAME on his cellphone. The fellow traveler witnesses the kid gleefully killing people and blowing up village after village, his face morphing from innocence to monster. Our passenger thinks to himself those two words (War Game) don't belong near each other. That’s when he’s compelled to get in the game and put an end to the horror.

Director's Statement

GAMES PEOPLE PLAY explores mass killings in the digital space under the guise of a game. The gamer's remoteness from their prey is reminiscent of the TV viewers' remoteness from America's "first living room war," VIETNAM. There's a certain sanitary abstraction to seeing people die but not actually experiencing the residual horror of war. All lives are sacred, even those found on a small screen existing in the ether...

Category: Short Shorts, Award Winner.
Themes: War.

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