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  • Canadian, Sniper

    Canadian, Sniper

    Michel Kandinsky
    Canada, 2024, 80 min.

    On the first trip back from war in Afghanistan (or is it his 2nd?) an army sniper tries to re-integrate peacefully into civilian life on a remote Northern... more ›

  • Dragonfly


    Julia Morizawa
    United States, 2023, 14 min.

    A young girl learns of her mother’s survival of the Tokyo Firebombing on March 9-10, 1945 through the eyes of her brother’s spirit... more ›

  • Games People Play

    Games People Play

    Jim Hall
    United States, 2024, 3 min.

    A passenger boards the Paris Metro and squeezes in next to a teenager playing a WAR GAME on his cellphone. The fellow traveler witnesses the kid gleefully... more ›

  • Rojek


    Zaynê Akyol
    Canada, 2022, 127 min.

    Rojek encounters incarcerated members of the Islamic State from all over the world, as well as their wives detained in prison-camps, who are sharing a common... more ›