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Bart Santello
United States, 2020, 9 min.

In English.
This film is family friendly.

Intangible: "That which cannot be easily defined, formulated or grasped -vague." Intangible is a motion-picture of forgotten memories assembled from fragments of decades-old 8mm film. Imagery chosen for its visual texture and artistic nature is derived and expressed from decaying media. Presented in a dream-like sequence, this film awakens one's own perception of a past: A past diminished and fading by the element of time. Imagery for this work was choreographed to a psycho-active score by renowned ambient electronic musicians 'A Produce' (Barry Craig) & Loren Nerell.

Director's Statement

Intangible is a short film that is a contemplation on fragmented memories and the slow decay of decades old 8mm film. This production is presented in a style and manner that provides the viewer contemplative space in which to reinterpret the work into their own perspective; and to give the audience a sense while watching this film that they are awake inside a dream.

Category: Experimental, Festival Alum, Arizona Film.
Themes: Memory.

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