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Hiro Koda
United States, 2019, 17 min.

In English.
Includes violence and adult language.

Will and Jane are government contract snipers on the U.S./ Mexico border. When they are assigned to go after Alejandro Mendez, a cartel heavy weight who's been trafficking illegal immigrants, they themselves become the target. Going against protocol, they infiltrate Alejandro's border hideout in order to save one of their own.

Director's Statement

It started over our kitchen table. A conversation with my wife, Jahnel and a "wouldn't it be cool to tell a story that went something like this....." And so the characters and story that is Contrato took shape. We pulled from our resources within the film industry, put together a small crew of friends who were willing to work for free and headed to Arizona. "Contrato", while a work of fiction, also skims the surface of one of the biggest concerns facing our country today: Border Security between the United States and Mexico. Being able to shoot our film in the border town of Douglas, Az and using several natives for roles in the film authenticated the shooting experience and ultimately the film. It is this authenticity that is the heart of the film and weaves itself into the edge of your seat action and surprises at every turn. Enjoy the ride!

Category: Action.
Themes: Border, Drugs, Relationships.