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Climate Control

Nicol Eilers
United States, 2017, 8 min.

In English.
This film is family friendly.

When an Australian scientist comes to an American city to help with an extreme weather event, he struggles against a corporation that wants to steal his weather modification device and kill him in the process.

Director's Statement

When I first moved to Arizona, monsoon rains were a regular occurrence during the month of August. I came to love their strange beauty: the sudden burst of thunderstorm from out of nowhere, the eerie flashes of lightning across the desert sky, and the pungent smell of petrichor afterwards. I've noticed after twenty years of living here that the monthly temperature averages were getting higher and the rains were coming less and less. 2016 was the world's hottest year on record for the third year in a row. All sixteen of the hottest temperatures ever recorded in modern history have occurred after 2000. Whether you believe that global warming exists or not, there's been evidence of extreme weather taking place all over the world. If this extreme weather continues to play a role in our future, the Southwest will be at the forefront with severe droughts and an extended wild fire season. Climate Control was conceived with the idea of what might happen if a scientist, not unlike a Tesla or Wright Brothers, came up with a solution to our worldly dilemma. If this scientist showed people the effects of climate change first hand, would we make changes to our existing environment or would we settle for the scarier, uncharted trajectory? Scientists, dreamers, and their technology will likely be the ones to save us, but we do have some control over our destiny now. We can lessen the impact on our environment and open our eyes, for the sake of our children and the future of civilization.

Category: Science Fiction.
Themes: Arizona Film.