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Road Storm

Bart Santello
United States, 2015, 2 min.

This film is family friendly.

Road Storm captures the thrilling experience of driving the Arivaca Road at the moment a huge summer micro-burst storm unleashed on a stormy August evening in 2014. Storm sounds for the film were recorded separately in the field over a period of several years and was added to the digital video in post-production to create a fascinating and lucid portrayal of mother nature's power.

Director's Statement

Bart Santello is an engineer, multi-media artist, natural builder and solar power enthusiast who lives in southern Arizona and is a self-motivated independent digital filmmakers who works with imagery and sound captured from all media formats using both digital and analogue equipment to create unique and original films. Each film is an artistic work that reflects the filmmaker's perception of reality and presents the film in a manner similar to a dream-like state. 

Category: Experimental.
Themes: Arizona Film, Road Trip.

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