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David Jansen
Germany, 2015, 15 min.

Includes violence.

A wolf child, an angel, a cat. The film animated in the tradition of wood cut technique, tells the story of an abandoned child, who grows up with wolfs after his mother rescued him from his violent father. After an enigmatic journey full of privations and in quest for identity he finds his peace in forgiveness.

Director's Statement

In the development of the story I had one picture in mind – a small island where one family lives, surround by the rough sea. A place that combines all factors where the smallest possible society (a family) has to face the elementary challenges of being alone and to deal with the rough outside world. On the first glance the nature is an idyll but can also be, like the nature of human beings, full of violence.

Category: Animation.
Themes: Abuse, Family, Award Winner, Best of Fest.

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