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Welcome to Kittytown

Douglas Luciuk
Canada, 2024, 99 min.

In English with N/A subtitles.
Includes violence and adult language.

Welcome to Kittytown paints a hilarious, suspenseful, and unforgettable vision of a post-apocalyptic future. After a GMO contamination reverts civilization into a wasteland dominated by a deadly green soil, Vern (Darren Zimmer), an ailing farmer, struggles to survive. The movie strikes a tonal balance between dark comedy and post-apocalyptic horror, with memorable characters, deft performances, and a journey you'll want to watch over again. Welcome to Kittytown is a micro-budget production from the Canadian prairies, that reminds us about the value of friendship, trust, and the human element that makes a place feel like home.

Director's Statement

Post-Apocalyptic movies are my favourite sub-genre. Welcome to Kittytown pays homage to: The Omega Man, I am Legend, Shaun of the Dead, The Quiet Earth, Zombieland and The Road. The goal is to take the viewer on an emotional ride, pivoting from horror to dark comedy. The themes within the movie include; friendship, good vs evil and redemption from the past. Welcome to Kittytown is a film about acceptance and learning to love one another, despite our differences. As society becomes more polarized, I believe the heart and soul of this movie will become more relevant.

Category: Horror, Dark Comedy, Feature.
Themes: Post-apocalyptic, Community.

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