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Canadian, Sniper

Michel Kandinsky
Canada, 2024, 80 min.

In English & French with English subtitles.
Includes nudity.

On the first trip back from war in Afghanistan (or is it his 2nd?) an army sniper tries to re-integrate peacefully into civilian life on a remote Northern farm. Silently struggling with the haunting confusion of PTSD, where reality and fantasy are indistinguishable, where time loops on itself, he has to make sense of violent urges while figuring out what happened (or is happening?) to his ailing Vietnam vet father.

Director's Statement

Canadian, Sniper is an attempt to show the very subjective and confusing reality of having PTSD. The idea that one doesn't know the difference between what is happening now and what has already happened. Where the war ended and when it started. Where nothing can be left behind. Where memories are superimposed on current events and communicating this confusion is nigh-impossible. Inspiration for this film came after hearing that a friend of mine from school had enlisted in the Army after being a cadet, did one tour of duty in Afghanistan, came home and, shortly thereafter killed himself.

Category: Festival Alum, Feature.
Themes: War, War Veteran, PTSD.

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