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The Long Walk of Carlos Guerrero

Joseph Mathew-Varghese
United States, 2024, 105 min.

In Spanish, English with English subtitles.
This film is family friendly.

When accomplished New York City Chef, Carlos Guerrero decides to return to Mexico to visit his ailing mother, he knows he is taking the ultimate risk as an undocumented immigrant. The film follows his epic journey back home, when he and a young girl from El Salvador, get stranded in the deserts of Southern Arizona.

Director's Statement

The journey of this film began in 2004 when I first went to southern Arizona after hearing about the rising death toll of migrants in the desert. That trip turned into a three-year odyssey to make the documentary, Crossing Arizona (Sundance 2006, Best Documentary-Arizona International Film Festival). During this time, I got an up-close look at how U.S. border enforcement policies were driving immigrants into the most treacherous parts of the desert. From that time, I nurtured the idea of making a film about a migrant’s journey of survival, a “hero’s journey” from his/her perspective.

Category: Arizona Film, Feature.
Themes: Border, Human Rights.

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