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Some Kind of Heavenly Fire

Eric Vincent Riley Jr
United States, 2024, 21 min.

In English.
This film is family friendly.

Some Kind of Heavenly Fire is a sci-fi family drama set in Detroit during the historic blackout of 2003. Our story follows a Grandfather tasked with taking care of his Grandson after his daughter is incarcerated. Grandad may be the most dependable person in the household, but he has no idea how to meet his grandson’s emotional needs--starting with telling him the truth of his mother’s disappearance. Grandad’s situation is further complicated when he sees his grandson levitating under a street light succumbing to what he will soon find out is an alien possession.

Director's Statement

Some Kind of Heavenly Fire is a parable on grief and loss, employing alien abduction as allegory for the effects of family separation caused by the justice system. The story grew out of the difficult times my family experienced after my sister’s incarceration. Her sudden disappearance exposed how emotionally unprepared we all were for someone so close to be snatched away. I began processing my grief through narrative, pushing my emotions and experiences through a more fantastical prism. My hope is that this film honestly portrays the journey to finding peace and connection in the face of the unknowable.

Category: Science Fiction.
Themes: Family.

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