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Itu Ninu (Where the corn fields are)

Itandehui Jansen
Mexico, 2023, 72 min.

In Mixtec with English subtitles.
This film is family friendly.

Itu Ninu unfolds in 2084 and follows the journey of two climate migrants, Ángel and Sofia, whose paths intersect, revealing a shared connection through the Mixtec language. Exchanging letters, an art form lost in their meticulously surveilled smart city, they look to each other for connection and, beyond that, liberation from their desolate and oppressed lives.

Director's Statement

At the heart of the story lies the profound sense of loneliness and isolation experienced by a migrant who finds himself without anyone to share his native language with. Through the intimate medium of letters, the main characters forge a connection as they reflect on the circumstances that compelled them to leave their communities. Through voice-overs in Mixtec their correspondence is brought to life. Climate change and environmental crisis are central elements of the narrative. Thus, we always considered sustainability as essential to our filmmaking approach.

Category: Science Fiction, Feature.
Themes: Climate Change, World Cinema, Indigenous.

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