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Solar Wind Alley

Anastasia Lobkovski
Finland, 2022, 76 min.

In Finnish with English subtitles.
This film is family friendly.

Alice lives with her younger sisters in a rural Finnish village, in the house their mother built before she passed away. Alice has taken her mother's place as the head of the family. She wants to protect her younger sisters and shelter them from the world. When the solar storm hits the village, it leaves everyone without electricity and puts the community in crisis.

Director's Statement

Solar Wind Alley film began from a need to deal with future and fears. The film started as an absurd idea of what could happen if a powerful solar flare hit the earth and left the planet without electricity, how would life continue after that. The story deals with self-reliance and ecological crisis without being too heavy.

Category: Feature.
Themes: World Cinema, Women.

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