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My London Lullaby

Hugo Santa Cruz
2021, 67 min.

In English with English subtitles.

Helena is a young German actress who struggles to get noticed in the London acting scene. Her luck takes a turn when she receives a casting call for a forthcoming film by a renamed British filmmaker. The casting director is looking for a young actress with perfect German and English abilities. This is the role Helena was born to play! Helena’s life unravels as she goes through the audition process, and the realities of a neo-totalitarian British society where Europeans are being ousted and deported take hold of her life.

Director's Statement

Hugo Santa Cruz is a British-European writer/director from London. He is part of a brand new social stratum in the UK brought about by the Brexit vote; that of the Europeans who "chose to stay" and got British passports. My London Lullaby (2021) is Hugo's no-budget debut feature.

Category: Feature.

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