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From the Shadows of Desert Rocks

Edgardo Luis Gonzalez
United States, 2021, 19 min.

In English with English subtitles.
Includes nudity and adult language.

While editing atomic footage for the Civil Defense, G-man Jakob Werner discovers a strange anomaly. Realizing his career- and potentially his sanity- is on the line, he heads back to the testing site. Once there, he makes a shocking discovery. Someone... or something... has been born in the mushroom cloud of atomic bombs.

Director's Statement

I was inspired by 1950s B-movies and atomic history of the Southwest to create From the Shadows of Desert Rocks. Jakob inadvertently finds himself embroiled in a search for answers to a question that is bigger than himself- the dawn of the atomic age; is it a time that should be embraced, feared, or something more? Rusted air bases, windswept highways, ruins of ancient civilizations - tread lightly in the shadows of desert rocks.

Category: Science Fiction.

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