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Alex von Hofmann
Australia, 2021, 18 min.

In English.
Includes violence and adult language.

In a world decimated by nuclear war, where barbaric clans and genetically modified dinosaurs roam the Australian countryside, a young girl, Evie (Melody Rom), must venture alone to a distant farmhouse to seek medical supplies for her dying father (Ben Mortley).

Director's Statement

Evie was inspired by 3-year-old Atticus Martin, son of Writer/Editor Luke Martin and Producer Kate Separovich. He told a story about running away from a dinosaur trying to get into a house. They both agreed it had a kernel of making a great film. “We realised that there are very few dinosaur franchises, and none of them had been set in Australia, so we wanted to change that. Who doesn’t like dinosaurs?” says Separovich “We knew that a feature was possible and were really inspired by Gareth Edwards 2010 Monsters in the way we choose to make this short, with the aim being to test the waters for the feature. Having already made one funded short film and one no budget short together we knew the power that limitations in budget would create and fuse into the film.

Category: Science Fiction.

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