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Dawn of Melancholy: A Birthday Soliloquy

Lisa Birke
Canada, 2024, 14 min.

In English.

AIFF Award Winner:
Jury Award for Creative Achievement

This video is embedded with augmented reality triggers that are viewable via the Shared Spaces app. Please follow the instructions in the video to download the app and view the augmented content on your personal mobile device when prompted. "Dawn of Melancholy: A Birthday Soliloquy" ruminates on the passage of time, reproduction, and meaning making as the lines between recorded, enhanced, and artificial reality become blurred. The viewer is implicated in an existential crisis when they inadvertently release a digital copy of the artist from the confines of the video through augmented reality.

Director's Statement

My work is a collision of video, performance art, and installation. I am interested in the stories that we re-cite and re-brand and how these inform our conception of the world and a tragi-comic perception of ourselves. Recently, I have been exploring immersive multi-media approaches using special effects, AR, and 360 video. My award-winning work has seen more than 100 screenings and installations at film festivals and in galleries and museums internationally including Vancouver International Film Festival, Slamdance Film Festival, Florida Film Festival, Arizona International Film Festival, the Remai Modern along with many others.

Category: Experimental.
Themes: Arts, Autobiography.

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