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A Good Day Will Come

Amir Zargara
Canada, 2024, 30 min.

In Farsi with English subtitles.
Includes violence and adult language.

Arash is a professional wrestler with dreams of representing his country and winning gold medals. The country is in turmoil and its people are suffering. Arash must decide between using his platform to stand up to tyranny, or put his head down and remain silent.

Director's Statement

Inspired by the unjust execution of Iranian wrestler Navid Afkari in 2020, this film delves into Iran's 2018-2021 hardships, including inflation, corruption, and human rights abuses. As an Iranian-Canadian director, I initially focused on Navid's story but realized the need to broaden the narrative to reflect the broader challenges Iranians face, leading to A Good Day Will Come. My aim is to highlight Iran's struggles and foster empathy, distinguishing between the Iranian people and their government. The recent protests, spurred by Mahsa Amini’s death, underscore the global longing for a better future, a theme central to our film.

Category: Drama.

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