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Giants Rising

Lisa Landers
United States, 2024, 81 min.

In English.
This film is family friendly.

AIFF Award Winner:
Best Environmental Documentary,
Special Jury Award for Outstanding Cinematography

A journey into the heart of America’s most iconic forests, GIANTS RISING reveals the secrets and saga of the coast redwoods—the tallest and among the oldest living beings on Earth. Living links to the past, redwoods hold powers that may play a role in our future, including their ability to withstand fire and capture carbon, to offer clues about longevity, and to enhance our own well-being. Through the voices of scientists, artists, Native communities and others, we discover the connections that sustain these forests and solutions that may help us ALL rise up to face the challenges that lay ahead.

Director's Statement

The sense of awe and connection to nature I feel when among redwoods is unparalleled. I’m not alone. My experience is a testament to what social scientists have confirmed: spending time among forests like these can change how we feel, how we see ourselves, and how we interact with the world. It can make us happier, healthier, more compassionate and collaborative. Experiencing these ancient giants is also a gateway to accessing a deeper sense of connection to ALL trees and forests – and understanding why it’s in our best interest to care for them.

Category: Documentary, Award Winner.
Themes: Environment, Climate Change.

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