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Hip Cat

Josh Kirk
United States, 2022, 9 min.

In English.
Includes adult language.

An actor gets roped into a trendy dinner party of hip socialites, causing him to question his sanity and sense of cool.

Director's Statement

Hip Cat is an absurdist comedy satire about an actor who gets roped into a trendy dinner party full of hip artists and socialites, causing him to question his sanity and sense of cool. Hip Cat pokes fun at the hierarchy of art, the pecking order that occurs when the collective deems something more artistic or meaningful than another. The short film satirizes the perception of cool, of what is and isn’t hip, deep, or relevant. The main character, Felix, is caught on the outskirts of conversation and criticized by pretentious artists who are no more relevant or hip than Felix. They are actually much worse, as the group of artists flippantly attempt to be empathetic to social issues by expressing their interest in similarly themed art galleries. The group's reading of quotes satirizes the pretentious crowds' self congratulatory and out of touch nature by the reading of what they feel are deep and relevant quotes, while simultaneously reciting increasingly absurd sentences. My main intention and hopes for Hip Cat is to make audiences laugh together.

Category: Comedy.

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